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Charles Butler is a conservative talk show host, based in Chicago, in the third largest market in America. His favorite quote is “Liberalism seems to be related to a person’s distance from the problem. — Whitney Young.”

He coined phrases he refers to as Butlerisms: “Urban Terrorist are killing our Black Youth” about the carnage in Chicago’s Black community and other Black American areas around the country, “Never allow others perceptions to become your reality”, “Voodoo Intelligent” to name a few. You can listen to Mr. Butler’s show daily M-F at Genesis Communication Network (www.gcnlive.com) from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Eastern time and on local stations. Mr. Butler is a contributor to National Center for Public Policy Research’s Project 21.

Mr. Butler has appeared on Hannity, Fox and Friends to name a few national shows. He is a guest commentator about social, political and economic issues on many radio shows around the country discussing current events on economy. He know for taking stands that reflect his Midwestern traditional values in the face of great opposition.

His accurate assessment of President Obama as an amateur, is being repeated by all spectrums of the political and social groups. He came on the Chicago radio scene in 2007, with WVON (an urban audience) and worked there over 4 years educating the Chicago land area, he took on tough issues like illegal immigration, sanctuary cities and states, anchor baby loopholes to name a few topics. He finishing the final chapters of his book, “Mis-Education of the Black American: Misled by Teachers, Preachers, and Politicians About the Pursuit of the American Dream”. His analysis is hard hitting, straight forward, no nonsense, factual, and he says he does not tolerate “voodoo intellect.”

He is considered fair and balanced in his assessment of topics and details. He has a group that calls themselves “Charles’s converts. He has developed a diverse audience that longed for a conservative voice of common sense and reason. His pragmatic approach to social-economic and political issues that face America have made him a favorite political personality round the country by way of syndication and Internet streaming.

His friends and guests include Sen. Grassley, Cong. J.C. Watts, Jr., Chairman of the RNC Rience Preibus, and many other prominent politicians from both parties on the local, state, and federal level of government. He has leading experts on his show to discuss current events from national think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, CATO, and AEI to government officials.

Websites:  Charles Butler Official Website, Charles’s Facebook Account, Charles’s Twitter Account His work as a political operative in the Republican Party for over 32 years is unquestioned.

Mr. Butler’s political mentors include the late Dr. Arthur Fletcher, “Father of Affirmative Action,” Dr. Harold Cruse, author of “The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual” and Dr. Charles Wright, founder of the Detroit African American Museum; along with Judge James Del Rio of Detroit, a civil rights activist. Please contact information: Charles@charles-butler.com, 312-612-1009

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  1. Charles,

    I just love your show here in Hot Springs Arkansas, when filling in for Rusty.. We don’t get much choices in radio talk other than Rush and Hannity.

    You are the BEST! I hope you can go national in more markets.

    Darn, you make so much sense!!

  2. I tunned into GCN live to listen to the Josh Tolley show and caught the ass end of your bs show. Where you making up the language of “spanglish” and calling the speakers of your invented language, dumb! First of all, the dumb ones were the first settlers who discovered our great nation assuming they were in India and calling the indigenous “indians”. Even more dumb is people today, still using the term Indian to refer to people not from india. You’re a racist idiot. I am third generation in mf. I am American my parents were American my kids are American. Not Mexican or Indian ya DUMB FUCK. And i didnt have to research that shit mf but you should! Fuck you very much

    1. You proved my point. Your are the classic Latino MORON! Classic! I love it. The facts are over 70% of illegal Latinos do not speak English, or not well. They are low skilled workers, and contribute little the economy with low paying jobs that are taken away from Blacks and poor Americans at the bottom of the socio-econmic ladder. The facts are we do not need any more poor, undereducated people in the US, we have enough already. US needs to determine who gets in the country not Mexico, South Americans or Eastern European countries. This is great and just what needed to make my day. Thanks Mr. Rivera, you are truly what you called me. I love it. LMAO.

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