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Kill Immigration Reform, NOW!

Hon. Marcia L. Fudge, Chair                                                                                     Congressional Black Caucus                                                                                         2344 Rayburn House Office Building                                                                       Washington, DC 20515

November 12, 2014

Dear Chairman Fudge:

Last week, President Obama declared in a White House post-election press conference that he is committed to act alone on comprehensive immigration reform through executive action.  In defiance to the election results on November 5th, that returned control of the Congress to conservatives, as well as, many state and local elected offices.

His message(s) thus far, reveals that he has failed to recognize the will of The People.  Whether with a decision to cast votes or stay at home, The People felt the country was going in the wrong direction, according to all of the major polls.

Mr. Obama is ignoring the warnings of the incoming leaders of Congress, Senator McConnell, and Cong. Boehner, have stated if he acts on immigration reform alone, it will be a deal killer the rest of his term.

The fact is President Obama, will do with the stoke of his pen, what 300 years of slavery, Jim Crow, and legal segregation could not; destroy the hopes and dreams of millions of Black Americans.  His position on illegal immigration and reform is not tenable given the numerous sources of information that warn of the negative impact of immigration reform on Black Americans and low-income Americans.  If he were White, the CBC would be outraged, and mad as hell at the brazen callousness of the impact on Blacks by any elected official regardless of color or party.  I implore you to get very outraged, very soon, because President Obama has not shown the CBC or Black America any respect in his entire tenure in office.

On August 5, 2014, Peter Kirsanow, a Commissioner on the United States Civil Rights Commission wrote President Obama a letter detailing[i] the devastating impact his executive orders would have on Black Americans.  In April 2013, The Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Cong. Fudge received a letter from three members of the United States Civil Rights Commission (USCCR) [ii] stating the same concerns of the negative impact of immigration reform on Blacks.

Obviously, members of the CBC and their staffs have ignored the USCCR letters and briefing reports that contain compelling research and quantitative data, that concluded the support of immigration reform pits Blacks and lower-income Americans against immigrants.  Thus, I have taken initiative to resend a copy of the USCCR letter to you as the Chairman of the CBC, by confidential correspondence via the USPS, Facebook, Twitter, and office email.  Copies of this letter will be sent to selected members of the CBC, the Congress, along with the RNC and DNC staff, and the mainstream media.

I implore the CBC and you demand that Mr. Obama allow the legislative process to take its course, and not use his executive action to override Congress.  The members of the CBC have taken an oath to uphold the constitution, not a party, or president but, to represent The People, your constituents best interests.  Any form of immigration reform will have a devastating impact on Black Americans, your major constituents, for decades to come.  Demand that Congress and Mr. Obama enforce the laws on the books and take heed to the recommendations of Cong. Barbara Jordan on immigration reform.

The CBC does not have an Adam Clayton Powell, Barbara Jordan, Shirley Chisolm, Mickey Leland, Ron Dellums, Julian Dixon, or Bill Grey, but it is time for someone to challenge Mr. Obama, before he takes irreversible executive actions that will further push Black Americans down the ladder for decades to come.  Use the constitutional powers invested in your office to do the right thing for your constituents and all Americans.

The federal laws have been unenforced by President Obama, A.G. Holder; both have a constitutional obligation to enforce the laws on books.  In 8 USC 1324a – Title 8 – Aliens and Nationality, Chapter 12 –Immigration and Nationality, Subchapter II – Immigration, Part VIII – General Penalty Provisions, Section 1324a, [iii] clearly states it is unlawful to employ unauthorized aliens.  Today the federal, state, and local governments are issuing legal documents to aliens in direct violation of the laws of our country.  We are a nation of laws, and government should not selectively enforce them.  The laws should be applied equally to all persons under the constitution.  Illegals do not have rights in America.  There is not an “Anchor Baby,” provision in the entire USC, the minor is the responsibility of the parents, and should not become a ward of the state, whether born in the U.S. or not.  They should be deported with their parent(s) and allowed to return when they are of legal age to exercise their American citizenship.

Mr. Obama, the White House staff, and Congress should read the USCCR letters (attached) and the briefing report titled The Impact of Illegal Immigration on the Wages and Employment Opportunities of Black Workers a Briefing before the United States Commission on Civil Rights, Held in Washington, DC, Briefing Report[iv].

The USCCR advised President Obama, the House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate that; The members recalled a 2008 USCCR hearing that concluded that amnesty would harm black Americans.“  The briefing witnesses, well-regarded scholars from leading universities and independent groups, were ideologically diverse,” they wrote.  “All the witnesses acknowledged that illegal immigration has a negative impact on black employment, both in terms of employment opportunities and wages.”

Cong. Barbara Jordan stated in her final testimony as Chairman of the Commission on Immigration in 1997, view final copy report here[v].  She stressed that deportation is crucial to the enforcement of immigration laws.  She stated that, “Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: those who should get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave.

The 911 Commission Report[vi] said the failure the immigration system[vii] allowed the 911 terrorists to embed themselves into the country attaining documents and access to U.S. government sponsored education and financial support.  The lack of immigration law enforcement is a major national security priority per the 911 Commission Report finding in 2003. Mr. Obama and the Congress have yet to act on any of its most critical findings.

For the politician, pundit, and reader that have not read history of illegal immigration or conducted research on the subject; this is not the first time our border sovereignty has been challenged by our neighbors to the south.  During and after World War II, employers hired cheap illegal labor and refused to hire returning veterans.  Totally, ignoring the Davis-Bacon Act and prevailing wages laws, meant to eliminate cheap Black labor from the U.S. South during the 1930’s Great Migration.  Presidents Truman and Eisenhower devised and implemented “Operation Wetback[viii],” which used the U.S. military to deport millions of illegal immigrants from our country, forcefully and with finality.  The U.S. Border Patrol was 1/10 the size it is today and without the ancillary federal agencies with immigration oriented responsibilities.

The irony is the Civil Rights Bill of 1957, was the first civil rights legislation passed since Reconstruction, and was primarily a voting rights bill, that President Eisenhower asked Congress to pass and he signed it into law.  President Barack Hussein Obama will dilute the impact of the Black vote, because of the 20-25 million illegals in the country.  During the last three election cycles, the mainstream networks or the parties never mentioned the impact of the Black vote.  The Democrats decided that the Black vote could sway midterm races if they came out to vote as in 2012.  However, they did not because illegal immigration reform works against them and their families and no one in Washington, D.C., is advocating their adverse position on illegal immigration reform.  The undermining of Black America is unconscionable by Obama, and the Congress, both Democrat and Republican politicians.  When that dumb question is asked, what do we do with the people that are here?  The answer is to deport them they broke the law!

Respectfully yours,

Charles L. Butler

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Ex-SEAL Higbie: ‘Morale Is Terrible in the Military Right Now’

Ex-SEAL Higbie: ‘Morale Is Terrible in the Military Right Now’.

President Obama is the worst POTUS in history.  He has no respect for the American people, the Constitution, the military, or our way of life.  We do not trust him or his administration at all.  If his lips are moving he is lying.

The scandals, IRS, Benghazi, Voter fraud, ATF, Obamacare, and the list goes on growing.

He is a self-proclaimed “Citizen of the world”, and stated in two books that he would support his Muslim brothers totally and references the Japanese internment camps as an example.  Well what do you think?

Misleading e-mail: From Audacity of Hope: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” 

Actual quote from “The Audacity of Hope” [pg. 261]: Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

President Obama Speaks at the 2014 Climate Summit – YouTube

President Obama Speaks at the 2014 Climate Summit – YouTube.

This is nothing but lunacy from a class of people that are wearing $400.00 glass frames and driving $70,000 hybrid cars and living in $3.0M homes on hillsides.

BHO is lying again, Climate Change Is Not Settled by a long shot.  Read this link in WSJ:  click here

Notice the violence from the so-called laid back crowd. They are rude, uneducated, boring, and need better personal hygiene.

Why do they think anyone cares what they have to say, or think.  Many are trust fund babies without conscious or care about humans.

Note to Climate Changers, go visit  and protest China and India first they are the real polluters.  They will be beaten and put in prisons forever.


Obama Policies Decimate Black College Enrollment

Over the years, I have documented a continued attack on Black American students by the Obama administration.

The first blatant defunding of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) happen in May of 2009.  The Obama administration defunded $85M for capital improvements for HBCUs.  A group of HBCU Presidents lobbied Pres. Obama at the White House.  They were castigated and scolded for challenging his decision to defund the line item in the budget.  They were instructed directly that if they made an issue of the defunding, the cuts would be deeper in the next year’s budget.

A good friend of mine attended the meeting and stated they had never heard a POTUS speak to such an esteemed group of Blacks like Obama, with disrespect and indignation.  Many of the attendees had worked on his campaign and in senior level positions in other Democratic and Republican administrations.

When Pres. Obama and Sec. of Education Arnie Duncan announced the PLUS program, the HBCU community told them that the tight credit requirements and the loan default provisions would greatly affect the Black student population.

Last September Sec. Duncan apologized for the damage done to Black students, the Black community and HBCU enrollment.

Parents Poised to Gain Easier Access to College Loans – WSJ

After reading this article how can any Black American support Barack Hussein Obama for any office?

All the Obama supporters I know say the same thing about supporting him “I am very disappointed in him on every level.”

That says it all!


Where is the outrage from the Congressional Black Caucus, Jesse, Al, over the Boko Haram Kidnappings?

May 7, 2014

On my radio show, I covered the Boko Haram, a Nigerian Terrorist group that kidnapped 230 Nigerian schoolgirls two weeks ago. Last week I had Raheel Raza, and Manda Zand as guests on the topic. This week I watched as Greta Van Susteren, of Fox News broke the story and the slow pace at which the mainstream media under covered the issue. It seems atrocities that involve black people anywhere in the world are not of interest in America’s newsrooms across the country.

I first read about the story in The Mail and on BBC website, where it was getting major attention three weeks ago. The kidnappings happened around the middle of April, and it is an abomination that until now it is being reported in the U.S. mainstream media. The Boko Haram, came into the village in the middle of the night and took the girls away in buses to be sold into slavery as wives for as little as $12. Why were the marauders able to boldly kidnap the girls from their dorms? The answer is simple; the villagers were unarmed and could not defeat their families or friends. Many of the villagers ran after the buses carrying machetes, brooms, and knives, definitely not a match for an AK-47 at 40 yards. Sounds familiar, think Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. These cities unconstitutionally disarmed citizens 30 years ago and left them prey for urban gangs, translate Urban Terrorists that are indiscriminately killing children and adults in their homes. No news media covering the thousands of deaths perpetrated by the urban gangs on civilians here in America either. International social media responded,#bringbackourgirls.


When I learned of the kidnappings, my first thoughts were, “Where is the outrage from the first (half) Black POTUS, Barak Hussein Obama, Congressional Black Caucus, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., Rev. Al Sharpton, some other black organization. Where was the outcry from “African-American” citizens about the kidnappings of Nigerian schoolgirls? The reality is the daily reports of deaths of school age children in the Black community over the last 30 years has desensitized the people from what is a normal , drug, crime and killing free environment.


Mainstream media seems only interested in atrocities that happen to peoples of a lighter complexion i.e. the Ukraine, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, and Georgia to name a few countries where genocide and atrocities are reported. If you think that, I am being unfair, and then let us review how little attention was paid to Rwandan genocide where over 800,000 people die in ethnic fighting. Last April 7, marked the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide and the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, expressed regret and said it never should have happened.

Bill Clinton said that the only regret he had of his eight years as president is that he did not intercede in trying to stop the genocide in Rwanda. His advisor on Africa Affairs was not other than, Pres. Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, Benghazi cover-up mouthpiece.

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have shown their amateurism again, sending a team of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents into a Nigerian war zone, in after militia style combatants. The FBI is a law enforcement agency not a military arm prepared to face combat conditions. These two people are like the Keystone Cops, only they have some power and are endangering the lives of brave Americans with their coward’s approach to world crisis issues that require some show of force. The latest example “Neville Chamberlain diplomacy” is telling Vladimir Putin he is simply out of step with the way countries operate in the 21st century. Yeah, it only took the Crimean region without firing a shot. Historic!

Currently, genocides are occurring in the Sudan, and the South Sudan, (the world’s youngest nation), a war in the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Nigeria to name a few nations. Millions of civilians have become refugees searching for safety. The U.S. is not discussing bringing relief to these people without food and medical supplies for years. In American newspapers, or mainstream media these situations do not exist. Until they are brought to the media by a non-traditional news source.

The Congressional Black Caucus is derelict as usual when it comes to leading a Marshall Plan on the issues of economic development, lowering out-of-wedlock births, illiteracy, and stopping terror against Black people either at home or aboard. Erstwhile, how do you explain their continued blind support of unconstitutionally disarming of citizens in their own districts? Stupid?

Donald Sterling: Watch what he does, not what he says!

Donald Sterling: Watch what he does, not what he says!

Blogged April 27, 2014                                     Charles Butler

I am tired of all the media buzz about people expressing their personal beliefs in private setting. The taped comments attributed to Donald Sterling are the latest in a long list of racist remarks made in private by citizens that happen to make some outstanding charitable contributions. Too much attention is being paid to these situations for the wrong reasons. I have a different perspective about these type of race issues and it is based on the concepts of bias, a prejudice versus discrimination, an act against a person.

I remember, in 1969, President Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell, telling a group of civil rights protesters, “Watch what we do, not what we say,” The result was the only enforcement of school desegration busing by an Attorney General to date. Well, for those that have watched what Mr. Sterling has done for Black community and the City of Los Angeles, his record is virtually unmatched.

With all the serious problems we are facing us as a nation, the Obamacare debacle, a lawless Obama administration, eight government scandals not reported on i.e. Benghazi, NSA, IRS, ATF, Fast and Furious, Selibus and CEO fund raising. The mainstream media is playing the race card with Obama, Holder and Sterling for ratings and to as a detraction from the real issues. After all we have been through it still comes back to the color of a person’s skin in 2014.

I was introduced to Donald Sterling in 1982, through my good friend and the President of the local San Diego Chapter of the NAACP, Curtis Moring, (a retired USMC legend, who owned an insurance agency.) At the time I was the San Diego Chapter Membership Chairman, working closely with Moring and another businessman Frank Jordan. Moring, told me that Sterling had solicited him to find local Black businesses to provide services and products to the local NBA San Diego Clippers. Moring, often stated that Sterling was a sincere and good man interested helping blacks in business and civic issues. I don’t know of any instances of Ray Kroc, owner of the Padres, or Alex Spanos, owner of the Chargers ever calling Moring or soliciting other black businesses in the area. We lost a helluva great guy, in terms of charity and community participation when he moved the Clippers to Los Angeles.

Okay, let’s fast forward to Saturday evening and I heard the tape on the Fox News channel. My initial reaction was that he seemed a little angry, condescending and bombastic, but what would you expect from an 80+ year old man dating a 20+ something, beautiful, sexy, exotic Mexican-Black woman, can anyone spell J-E-A-L-O-U-S. To call Mr. Sterling a racist because of an alleged recording of a private conversation, he had with his lovelady of Mexican and Black heritage, because she had Magic Johnson hanging on her and for posting pictures of the two of them on Instagram, is stretching it a little. He wanted her to display some discretion in public, and respect for their allegiance.

He showered his lovelady, Ms. Stiviano with expensive gifts and cars according to Mrs. Sterling. (JEALOUS) I would bet that his golfing buddies are calling him and probably teasing him pretty hard after seeing the pictures of Magic Johnson with his play thing. I think I would a little P.O.’d that my consort was hanging out with guys that are known PLAYERS. Come on people!

Seriously though, Mr. Sterling is a charitable man and was being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Los Angeles NAACP, he has previously received awards from the chapter for his work in the community. I do not think that Sterling should have to respond to the NBA, NAACP, or his team over a private conversation, taped without his permission, to a lover that was hugged up in a picture with another man.

I find all of this talk of race and political correctness very hollow, especially coming from the NAACP, that gave support of gay rights for $20,000 contribution solicited by NAACP President Ben JEALOUS. And the black celebrities that have depicted Black Americans in a exploited the race by depicting negative images for Hollywood/record label money five decades now, shame on them. The National NAACP still has the Joel Sprigarn Award even though it is well documented by scholars that he spied on Blacks and the NAACP reporting subversive activities for the U.S. government. Why aren’t the Black celebrities getting the LAA for their financial contributions and work with Black youth? Mr. Sterling’s Clipper players are getting the leagues top salaries and the team is playing well. They even hired a Black coach, Doc Rivers, from the racist Boston Celtics organization (Boston is a very ethnic and racially polarized city). So much, for Red Auerbach and Bill Russell’s wonderful relationship.

Lastly, Mr. Sterling kept Elgin Baylor on the Clipper payroll as the V.P. of Player Operations for 22 years. On a team that had only two winning seasons his entire tenure, that doesn’t EVER happen in professional sports. Oops, almost forgot that housing lawsuit against Mr. Sterling, having had rental property and lived through residential income changing scenarios, I would agree not renting to low income people regardless of race, or color is a losing proposition for the owner. They will not take care of or respect other the property rights of others.

Other examples of race politics and political correctness gone too far:

Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton castigated Don Imus and called for firing and boycotting his show of the a few years ago. Let me shed some light on that stick up by the race baiters. Mr. Imus using the word Nappie head hoes in referring to the Rutgers women basketball players on air. Yes, it was inappropriate! Yes, he was correct about the condition of their hair! Yes, it was funny as heck! He and others referenced the Tennessee girls as cute. The analogy Jigaboos and the Wannabes, used in Spike Lee’s movie “School Daze“, it was on the big screen (Where is the outrage/criticism of Spike Lee, deplorably racist depiction of HBCU Students). Imus was trying to be funny, but his remarks were on the air, unfortunately. My friends and I had said the exact same thing a day earlier about the Rutgers women. The Rutgers women came to court looking tough and mean; thug like, tattoos, chewing gum, okay I get the image. I am scared!

For years, Don Imus and his wife opened up their hearts and wallets to Black youth in a very benevolent and charitable way through their ranch, foundation and other hands on projects. Sharpton, on the other hand spends his donors money staying in the Ritz Carlton, and Peninsula hotels and hiring limousines. I bet Sharpton is not giving much of that MSNBC paycheck to any charity, National Action Network, or Black children causes.

President Lyndon B. Johnson, is called the greatest civil rights POTUS we ever had, that is definitely not the truth. He is recorded and it is well documented he use the N-word all the time. Robert Parker, Johnson’s sometime chauffer, described in his memoir Capitol Hill in Black and White a moment when Johnson asked Parker whether he’d prefer to be referred to by his name rather than “boy,” “nigger” or “chief.” When Parker said he would, Johnson grew angry and said, “As long as you are black, and you’re gonna be black till the day you die, no one’s gonna call you by your goddamn name. So no matter what you are called, nigger, you just let it roll off your back like water, and you’ll make it. Just pretend you’re a goddamn piece of furniture.”

I had noted to many law professors and scholars over the last 10 years that President Eisenhower and President Nixon, actions are unmatched. Eisenhower ask Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and 1960, both passed as watered down version of the White House bill, gutted by Senate Leader Lyndon B. Johnson, and Senator Richard Russell. Eisenhower sent the troops to Little Rock, AR, there was no Civil Rights Movement, his Solicitor General argued support for integration in the 1954 Brown v Topeka case. Ike desegregated the federal government and the city of Washington, D.C. in the first 90 days in office in 1951. Nixon, supported black business programs, and increased funding to blacks students and colleges. The list goes on and you will have to read about it in my book later this year.

We have allowed ourselves to be fool by words and slogans like “Hope and Change”, “Give Peace a Chance”, “Nothing to fear but fear itself”, the actions have been less than desired by most Americans and cost a great number of lives and taxpayer dollars.

Please people Watch what we do, not what we say,!



Easter Sunday Growing Up in Detroit -

Jesus Died to Give Us Everlasting Life, Where Black America and America Has Gone Wrong

Easter Sunday 2014 April 20, 2014

Happy Easter to all!

I remember my first public speaking event as if it were yesterday; it was on an Easter Sunday much like today. When we lived in Detroit my family attended St. Stephens, A.M.E. church and our Sunday school teachers were professional educators. As I watched a great play and performance on Broadway yesterday, it instantly reminded me of my family and the adults in my sphere growing up. The play was “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry, performed by Denzel Washington and a wonderfully powerful cast. My parents made my brothers and I watch the movie in 1962, and they explained the significance of its achievements on Broadway. I later read the play in high school, college and many times since to try to decipher how Blacks got it so wrong after the civil rights movement.

In those years, before Dr. King was assassinated, Back Americans were proud, spoke the Kings English, dressed well, and practiced good character. In addition, we dreamed of pursuing the American Dream – moving on up, in terms of social-economic status. Today. White liberals and race baiting Blacks would have Blacks believe they are betraying the race to speak proper English, dress in a dignified manner and pursue the American Dream of upward mobility. (Side Bar: Al Sharpton has relatives that live on Fisher Island, and he stays in the Peninsula and Ritz Carlton Hotels when he travels, I know because I have seen him in various locations before he got the MSNBC contract. You know Jesse only has the finest of everything for himself!)

I remember all the church members were professionals and working class Blacks, which in Detroit, often meant autoworkers were making more money than teachers and other professionals. The women attending the church were always dressed beautifully without regard to the season of the year. The men wore dark suits, dark ties and were gentlemen. The Saturday before Easter was the same ritual for my brothers and I for many years. My father gave my two brothers and me fresh haircuts (the stylish Corvallis). My mother boiled and supervised the coloring/dying of the eggs, the succession baths, the laying out our new Easter suits, starched shirts, shoes, coats, and ties.

On this bright Easter Sunday morning, Dad drove us to church early in the morning; he was working afternoons and had to work on that Sunday. It was a festive day, very peaceful as Easter Sunday, typically was in the 50’s for church-going Blacks. The Sunday school was arranged in assembly fashion, rows of chairs, with a small microphone stand at one end. Sunday school was called to session and we all went to our assigned areas with our teachers.

The younger classes started first and my brothers recited their lines flawlessly, I was very proud because I had helped them rehearse. I sat there silently cheering the good performers and feeling bad for those that did not do so well. Now, it was time for my class to move to the front of the school rehearsed my lines to myself and maneuvered to the middle of the pack. Well, remember I told you our Sunday school teachers were real teachers Monday through Friday, and regardless of order of presenters, first or last name, I was near the beginning. I do not remember the people going before me, but I do remember thinking at the last minute, if you forget your lines fake it, because the audience probably would not know my verse anyway.

The BIG MOMENT with mother, brothers and the Sunday School watching, I quickly walked the 100 yards to the microphone as I had practiced in my mind a few minutes before, took a deep breath, and began, “my name is Charles Butler and my verse is John, First Chapter, Sixteenth Verse:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever beliveth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John – 1:16.”

Well, I survived and have given numerous speeches in front of thousands of people. Often, before I take the stage I reflect on that moment and smile at the confidence instilled in me by the love and stability of family, the desire to be professional, the demand of excellence, the expectation of being prepared, and performing well.

That is when America and Black America had traditional values and morals and was God-fearing people. Today, the “anything that you feel like doing” mentality is destroying America. President Obama has proclaimed that homosexuality is acceptable behavior and it is perfectly okay to lie to the nation if “you believe” it is in the best interest of the country, and not recognize the U.S. Constitution or the laws of the land that do not fit a liberal mindset. Jesus died for our sins, not Barack or Barry Obama. Contrary to liberal, progressives, and some Blacks belief, he is not the son of God. Jesus my Christ and savior is the Messiah. Many Blacks that thought that are finding their children without access to student loans because of his PLUS program, and HBCUs being defunded. He totally ignored the Black American community in favor of gays, Muslims, and told them their condition is because of their personal traits, sounds like his Hawaiian grandmother to me. (She was afraid of Blacks)

I remember a time when Black Americans were dignified, proud, and progressive people before the post-Civil Rights Movement of 1963. The excuse making for racism, and victimization articulated by the not so Reverend Jesse Jackson, and other poverty oriented self-proclaimed leaders decimated the determination of a people. The War on Poverty programs for the poor, and Model Cities plans implemented by President Johnson, devastated the Back family and destroyed urban cities as Assistant Secretary of Labor Patrick Daniel Moynihan had predicted.

My prayer this Easter Sunday is that the country finds its moral compass before America follows the path of other great empires by imploding from moral and culture decadence. Our children should be allowed to say a prayer and the pledge of allegiance to the flag before starting class.

God Bless you and yours and God Bless America


President Obama Refuses to Honor A Great Black American Mr. Otis McDonald

April 10, 2014                                                                                    Charles Butler

Mr. McDonald at SCOTUS









Mr. Otis McDonald was the lead plaintiff in McDonald v. The City of Chicago gun ban case that was overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in 2010. The summary of the case.

President Obama ignored for years a brave Black American who risked his life and challenged Urban Terrorists in his neighborhood. The residents of the City of Chicago had been unarmed by city and state officials, and thus become prey to the criminals of all persuasions. Chicago the Murder Capital of the World became its title after the gun bans went in effect in the 1980s’.

Over the years, I hosted guests on my radio show to education citizens and expose the hypocrisy of elected officials. By city law, Aldermen could carry a concealed weapon, but not citizens. My guests were Mr. Otis McDonald, Phyllis Schafly, Valinda Rowe, Shawn Gowder, Dr. Paula Bratich, Sonny Brown, Ralph Conner, Richard Person, Larry Pratt, Todd Vandermyde, and many other brave Americans who fought the Daley-Madigan Democrat Machines, on the city and state level, for the right to protect their families and themselves.

During the SCOTUS hearing, The City of Chicago, was so blatantly racist in their defense of the gun ban, it cited the 1876 Cruikshank case law, as precedent to maintain the gun ban on its defenseless citizens.  Mayor Daley’s reply to the violence and lawlessness in the Black community for two decades was, “what can I do? If I take CPD from low crime areas they will have higher crime!”

The McDonald v. The City of Chicago ruling rivals the Dred Scott v. Sanford, Plessy v. Ferguson, Brown v. Topeka BOE, Civil Rights Act of 1963 & 1964, or Title IX. The McDonald ruling allowed Black citizens living in the city limits of Chicago to legally own a handgun to protect themselves.

The draconian gun ban laws of Chicago and Illinois ranked alongside the United States v. Cruikshank . The law was used to disarm Black Americans and leave their communities exposed to lynching, raping, and attacks of the Klu Klux Klan, White Camellias, and other hate groups over decades. The Black Church, but not all of them, has been complicit with the anti-gun movement since Reconstruction, and many churches contributed in the pacification, victimization, and helplessness syndrome that permeates Black America today. Remember, Black men have fought valiantly in every war America has had since the Indian Wars of the 1730’s.

In 2010, the McDonald ruling reinstated the full Constitutional RIGHTS for residents of Chicago and especially the Black Community. Mr. McDonald’s bravery stands with Ms. Rosa Parks who sat on the bus in Montgomery in 1957, and refused to give her seat toa white man. McDonald refused to give the right to self-protection and “the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness” to the white political machine that devalued Black American lives, and Black Urban Terrorists that threaten to end his life everyday in his own home.

Black gangs under the Richard J. Daley Administration (1955-1976) and his successors held the Black communities of Chicago under siege, until the SCOTUS overturned the gun ban in 2010. With the right to Concealed Carry Weapons in effect in January of 2014, Chicago Police Department, reported the lowest 1st Qtr. crime figures since 1958.  The criminals are smart, they know, the people are “packing” and will protect themselves.

In the McDonald v. Chicago case Justice Thomas’s concurring opinion gives a brilliant historical framework of the use of gun bans to deny Blacks full citizenship protections for over a century. Justice Alito, wrote a stellar majority opinion that still rings truth to power.

I would like to leave you Justice Alito opinion, which is a reason I often mentioned at rallies for gun rights: If, as petitioners believe, their safety and the safety of other law-abiding members of the community would be enhanced by the possession of hand- guns in the home for self-defense, then the Second Amendment right protects the rights of minorities and other residents of high-crime areas whose needs are not being met by elected public officials.

My question is where is the recognition from President Obama, a longtime Chicago resident that as a community organizer, Illinois State Senator, U.S. Senator, POTUS and resident of Chicago experienced murders of hundreds of people, including a murder two blocks from his Kenwood home in 2008.

Mr. Obama is a hypocrite and places his political agenda above serving the country or the people. We only have to look at the desertion of the men at Benghazi, the IRS Tea Party, NSA, Syria, Arab Spring in Iran, Arab Springs in Egypt, and Libya, his actions on Crimea, and the list grows each day.

Keep on campaigning Mr. Obama, the country will remain strong and continue to prosper after your policies have been reversed to more traditional values and the American way.

God Bless and Godspeed, Mr. McDonald and we will give a funeral tribute to remember, even if President Obama and A.G. Holder ignore one of the greatest Americans we have ever known.

Russell Wilson A Real American Hero, Role Model, and Not Gay! Why No MSM Press!


Russell Wilson A Real American Hero, Role Model, and Not Gay!  Why No MSM Press!

It is becoming very popular and politically correct to somehow compare gay-rights to civil rights in the spirit of public discourse, and political circles.  For instance, in the USA Today Jarrett Bell attempted to compare Michael Sam to Jackie Robinson, not a very good example.  Want to compare a professional athlete to Jackie Robinson try Russell Wilson.  He is the epitome of a professional athlete and we can be proud of his character, leadership, maturity, and performance on and off the field.  Russell Wilson A Real Hero and Role Model and Not Gay!  Russell is in direct contradiction to MSM portrayal of Black American athletes.  He is a leader, intelligent, humble, articulate, WINNER, good looking, Quarterback, WINNER of Super Bowl, not a drug user, clean cut, shaven, why no press.  He is not GAY!

Jackie Robinson was a man of high moral character, a World War II veteran, a great husband and father, and the perfect example of an American man for all times.  Therefore, how do you begin to compare Michael Sam or Jason Collins gay outing to Jackie Robinson when neither of them meet any of these very basic characteristics of Mr.  Robinson.  I will attach a copy of Mr. Bell’s article at the end of this blog and reference to a book I read about Jackie Robinson about 15 years ago please feel free to read both at your earliest leisure and then you may understand what I am trying to disseminate in this blog.

It is an embarrassment, and a sacrilege to compare racial discrimination to people’s decision to participate in homosexual acts and call it heroism.  As a black American, who is been the first in a number of professional and personal situations, I detest, and am angered by the comparison.

Black Americans have always presented themselves to be of, high moral character, intelligent, and deserving of full citizenship in America.  Our plight of racial discrimination just because of the color of our skin since we arrived on the shores has been well documented, and our achievements momentous and being displayed piece by piece instead of being incorporated in the very fabric of this country that we call America.

We have a number of white liberal and black revisionists when it comes to history, and I just want to set the record straight.  The modern civil rights movement was started after World War II and the return of black veterans from the European and Asian theaters, where they were “fighting for freedom and democracy.”

We saw black citizens being hired accepted into colleges given new job opportunities that had previously been denied them, even though they were overqualified for positions in law, business, and government.  There is an old axiom, that was used when I went off to college in 1970, and it was you could be if you were black, a doctor, lawyer, preacher, teacher, or work for the government, (usually in the postal office).

The civil rights movement of the 60s was moving to broaden educational and employment opportunities for black Americans.  Therefore, I like to summarize the civil rights movement in these few words: the civil rights movement was about the enfranchisement, empowerment, of black American citizens to exercise their full citizenship.  Moreover, it was about the black middle class moving into mainstream America in every vestige of the pursuit of liberty without, the sphere of discrimination, based on the color of their skin.

The fact that the first to openly gay professional athletes, happen to be black Americans is both an insult, slap in the face, and despicable act to me.  I think that both Mr. Collins and Mr. Sam declared their homosexuality to be the public in hopes of enhancing their professional stature, given both possess mediocre athletic abilities by pro standards.

I support the LBGT communities’ right to express themselves and their concerns about their behavior.  However, I also reserve the right for others and myself to express our beliefs and concerns about homosexual behavior.  However, I do not think that the way a person chooses to have sex should be in the public discourse, nor up for judgment.  The decisions a person makes about how they want to have sex, and the meaning of love to them, is personal.  I am not interested in discussing homosexuality or heterosexual conquests or intricacies with anyone.

Homosexuality is still an aversion to others and me, given our moral and religious upbringing.  Moreover, no man regardless of how much money, influence, or education they may have will change those views.  Homosexuality has been around a very long time, like since the beginning of humankind and it will not go anywhere.  People who engage in that behavior do so at their own risk, and consequences.  Why should the public be concerned about how people choose to have sex, is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.  It is by no means SPECIAL or HEROIC!

Best book ever written on Jackie Robinson according to his wife, Rachel.

Jarrett Bell’s USA Today article that got me going on this gay thing.  He made the same point I am making only he goes around the bush to get there.

Michael Sam’s father not proud of son’s gay outing but loves him just the same.

Why is the liberal media playing the gay issue so public?  The emasculation of America

Bad day at NFL Combine for Sam, did the gay outing hurt his performance


Tremendous Tuesday FEB 25, 2014

Busy day Tremendous Tuesday

Larry Pratt, President Gun Owner Association drives Piers Morgan off the air.  He will be will us today discussing the gun debate.  Good bye and Good Riddance!  I find that Americans are so enamored with foreign accents and negate substance in character and content.

A great example is the issue of opinions,. how credible are opinions without facts to support them.  I constantly hear Americans talking about their opinions as if what they conjured up in their heads had any relevance or meaning to anyone except to them.

Discussions today are so hollow and that’s what interviews with Piers Morgan seemed like to me hllow without soul.  Americans have soul regardless of ethnicity the very fabric of America breathes soul and feeling.

Which is protected the  First Amendment, freedom of conscious.  God bless you and God Bless America!

Tremendous Tuesday Feb 25 2014


ASU Blackface Rap Hip Hop Party on MLK holiday

This is a copy of the letter send to President of Tau Kappa Epsilon


January 24, 2014

Charles Butler, talk show host

Aricent, LLC

332 South Michigan Ave.

Suite 1032B386

Chicago, Illinois 60604


President of Tau Kappa Epsilon

Tau Kappa Epsilon

7439 Woodland Drive Suite 100

Indianapolis, IN 46278




Dear Sir:

This letter is in reference to the Arizona State University party thrown by members of your fraternity this week on Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday/holiday.  As an active life member and former District Director of Alpha phi Alpha fraternity, I truly understand the unfortunate position that the ASU college members have placed the national organization.

My wife, a close friend and I attended the Sundance Film Festival, in Park City Utah and one of the films we saw was a critically acclaimed film named “Dear White People.”  The film investigated the same Hip Hop parties and interpersonal relationships, situations and incidents that have happened on prestigious college campuses across the country.  ASU is just another incident of this form of celebratory emulation of Black youth behavior and traits.  Unfortunately, the ASU chapter lacks leadership from the local alumni, and has shown a propensity for poor judgment in the past.  As a District Director, I was forced to confront hazing issues at UCLA, USC, Cal State; I can truly appreciate your tenable situation.  My actions lead to members and chapters being suspended and expelled from the fraternity.

My thoughts having lived through similar situations at The University of Michigan in the early 70s, is that today having a party where White kids dress up in blackface and emulate America’s lack youth hip-hop culture in terms of dress, music, hairstyles, and clothing is not racial stereotyping.  It is merely a real world expression and emulation whether flattering or unflattering of Black youth today.  In my day, this type of behavior by your members would have been racially insensitive, and stereotypical.  At the time, the only relative measure was Al Jolson and minstrel shows.  However, what I read about the ASU party and past parties at Princeton, Dartmouth and others is simply White students emulating the Black American hip-hop and youth culture.  I can no to offended by their behavior, no more than if they put on Michael Jordan masks and had a dunking contest (on 6 foot rims of course).

In conclusion, the party may have been in poor taste for many Americans but I cannot be angry with White American students that are simply having fun and acting out roles that many of them have internalized as the “cool thing” to do and to be.  I do not think for one minute that any of the students are racist, and I am sure that most of them listen to hip-hop music, wear the clothing, and watch the music videos.  Freedom of Speech and expression is protected by the I.S. Constitution and I will defend their rights to express themselves legally.

If I am upset with anyone, it is the self-appointed Black American leadership, in the forms of Rev. Jesse Jackson Senior, Rev. Al Sharpton, and other community leaders and activists, as well as Black professionals that have allowed the dignified and honorable Black American culture to be co-opted and ghettoized over the last 50 years.  How can Black Americans become upset about the real-life depiction of part of the subculture of the race?

It is incumbent upon Black Americans across the country to develop the conservative, moral high ground that led us from Slavery, through Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights Movement.  As an old Civil Rights song by the Staples singer went:

 Respect yourself, respect yourself

If you don’t respect yourself

Ain’t nobody gonna give a good cahoot, na na na na

Respect yourself, respect yourself


Respectfully yours,


Charles Butler


A&E Don’t Meet With Jesse Final Draft

This is a copy of the email I sent to the executive management team about Rev. Jackson’s request to meet with them over Phil Robertson’s statement that lead to his suspension from A&E Network.  A&E 01 December 30 final

It was with much thought and trepidation that I wrote such an email, but I could sit by and do nothing given the direction this country is headed in for the next three years.

The America we are leaving for children is immoral, greedy, debt-ridden, and rudderless.  We have lost our standing in the world, because of three poor leaders.  Our country is a land of laws until it comes to invading our borders by illegal immigrants and cheap labor.

Let’s stand for something, right here, right now.  Please support my website and twitter and Facebook pages.  I will be back on the air January 4th at 0800-1000 ET on and 1500-1800 ET

Happy New Year!


President Obama and his cartoon mates are the best!

These are the best Obama cartoons floating around the internet.  Obama is not a joke he is a very dangerous person and a threat to the America we all know and love.  His transformation has weakened our country on the domestic and foriegn fronts. Congress has to do its job and rein in President Obama’s power gain and end run about the them and the courts.

President Obama will be judged as the worst POTUS in history.  He is an idelogue, Islamisist and a socialist that wants to destroy this country from the inside.

His lying and decieving the American people on Obamacare, Benghazi, IRS, NSA and fast and furious scandals are too serious not to consider Impeachment.

Obama Cartoon AObama Cartoon BObama Cartoon JObama Cartoon HObama Cartoon GObama Cartoon FObama Cartoon EObama Cartoon DObama Cartoon C




Is Rev. Al Sharpton A Carpetbagger

Blogged by Charles Butler                                                                 Date: October 22, 2013


Let me clear about the Rev. Al Sharpton, he is a Carpetbagger, in its classic definition. This preacher does not have a church to my knowledge. By the way, National Action Network is a shell for procuring funds, and no action of any consequence has happened or been forthcoming.

Mr. Sharpton’s recent decision to venture into Chicago to help bring national attention to the crime is the biggest mistake he has made since Tywana Brawley.

First, Mr. Sharpton’s home turf of Harlem in New York City is similar in danger, debauchery, rapes, killings, drugs, and mayhem than any third world country. I would probably rate the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic ahead of his home turf in terms of quality of life in the area.

Second, the last time I checked this is Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., turf. Chicago is home to the historical Operation PUSH and the Rainbow Coalition. I remember when America’s RACE BAITERS Supreme raced to board school buses for staged photo ops when Derrion Albert was beaten to death at Fenger High School in 2009. Rev. Jackson was up early to ride to buses to and from the school, click here for the video.  Rev. Al Sharpton was in town to initiate civil disobedience tactics, staging a two-day protest by Fenger parents. President Obama got into the act and sent Attorney General Eric Holder and Sec. of Education and former CEO of Chicago Public School. It seems Mayor Daley and President Obama were embarrassed by the first round elimination from the Olympic in October 2009, and the Albert incident that put the killing at the forefront of international news outlets, the death was one of the first of the new school year. The previous school year 2008-2009 over 144 were killed and 399 wounded. Holder promised to bring $30M to the city for gang violence.  I do not know if the city received the funding because the FOIA is hard to enforce in Chicago and you cannot use the governments information it is so tainted. I do know that Revs Jackson and Sharpton were left out of the funding and solution process and hence no more school bus rides or protests.

Third, we do not need Rev. Sharpton to speak for us. Chicago has a Black American population that is among the best in the world. Alter all we delivered three Black American U.S. Senators, Mosley Braun, Obama, Burris, to Washington, D.C. in recent years and a POTUS. What has NYC delivered since Adam Clayton Powell and Shirley Chisholm to Black American Leadership?  Very little! Cong. Rangel, should have gone to jail for his financial malfeasance, and or retired in disgrace. His tenure in office has seen Harlem spiral down to a cesspool of violence, poverty, and hopelessness for his constituents.

Rev. Sharpton is a Carpetbagger extraordinaire; if he thinks, he can come to Chicago with his slicked back hair and lack of command of the English language and usurp the established influencers. It AIN’T gonna happen!

I stated while on WVON if you want to control the Black Community and bring an American quality of life, it will begin with the Governor Quinn, sending in the National Guard to eliminate and neutralize the urban gangs that have terrorized the people. Anderson Copper mentioned it on his show.

If the communities continue under siege then, President Obama should authorize the US Marine Corps or initiate drone strikes on the Urban Terrorists in the Black Community. Chicago Police Superintendent tried to negotiate with the Urban Terrorists and they ran him back to CPD HQ with his head hanging.

Al Sharpton is looking for a payday and we are not interested in another self-aggrandizing, self-appointed media hound, running around Chicago speaking for Black folks. He and other Black leaders have a great deal of nerve declaring themselves leaders and demanding

My advice to Al: Please go talk to the people that gave you their membership money for the Chicago Chapter of the National Action Network (NAN) and never received as much as a thank you card from the organization over the years.

If I were you, I would be carefully about public appearances in Chicago because I have heard over the years from a number of callers on my radio show at WVON that had some choice words for you about taking their money without any acknowledgement or recognition from the NAN.

Charles Butler Reads A Letter on Jerry Doyle’s Show He Wrote To Cong. Watson for Calling Him an Uncle Tom

Aricent Communications, LLC

Charles Butler Called an Uncle Tom by Cong. Diane Watson                His Response Is A History Lesson

The Education of a Black Congresswoman and other Blacks with the same mentality

Charles Butler, Talk Show Host

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Mr. Butler educates former Congresswoman Diane Watson, of Los Angeles about the historically significance of Harriett Beecher Stowe’s book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”.  Black Americans everywhere that are tired of being called Uncle Tom because they are successful and seek to improve themselves by pursuing the American Dream should use this blog.

I read this letter (email) to the Jerry Doyle listening audience Friday, October 18, 2013 on Talk Radio Network.  I had numerous requests to post it so here it is!  Pass it around.

Email From: Congresswoman Diane Watson dated July 19, 2013

Mr. Butler,

Please do not ever blog me again. Your views are not worth the paper they are printed on. You have your right to your views, but I have the right to reject them! “Uncle Tom” comes to mind when I read your opinions. D. Watson

My Response to Former Congressman Diane Watson dated July 20, 2013

Dear Ms. Watson,

I want to thank you for taking the time and courtesy to respond to my blog on the events of the last the few weeks being a wakeup call to Black America, to start acting like Americans, instead of second class citizens.

This letter is your “Man in the Mirror” moment, so please take a few moments to read it to the end. My old friend Cong. J.C. Watts says, “the truth hurts before it helps.” I still want to schedule an interview with you for my book.

It is with great honor and humbleness that my blog moved you to reflect that (in your words) “Uncle Tom” comes to mind when I read your opinions.” It only confirms that you like most Blacks, who use the term disparagingly, have never taken the time to read the book!

A person of your esteemed stature, having served four terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, 20 years in the California Senate, a graduate of UCLA, and earning a PhD from Claremont, must surely know the historical and political significance of the book, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin. By Harriett Beecher Stowe

Let me share a brief history of the power of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in American history. The book was the catalyst for renewed national interest in the Abolitionist Movement. It fueled John Brown and other Abolitionists calls for ending slavery by radical means (including Fredrick Douglas, and William Lloyd Garrison). John Brown’s raid of the Harper’s Ferry Arsenal was answering a call for an armed rebellion among slaves, poor whites, and indentured servants by the papers and tabloids of the day. The founders of the Republican Party used the book as a focal point and rallying cry for recruiting members. This led to abolitionist John Fremont “almost” being elected POTUS in 1856, the election of President Abraham Lincoln in 1860, and the events that lead to the end of the institution of American Slavery. The events were: The Civil War, Emancipation, Reconstruction, the Jim Crow era, Depression equality, Post World War II Integration, the Great Migration, and The Civil Rights Movement! I am humbled to be referred to as an Uncle Tom by you and others, thank you very much.

It is understandable why you and others Blacks do not bestow the “Uncle Tom” moniker on the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, President Obama, Eric Holder, Zimmerman haters, Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, Sr., because they are truly unworthy of the title let me elucidate:

Most Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) are terrified to uphold their sworn oath, to represent the people of their districts. As whole CBC members, congressional districts rival the poorest, most violence-filled, and most destitute areas in the world. How does supporting the Illegal Immigration Reform Bill S-744, of which will allow 40M and their family members will be given the legal right to work in America. Most of them are poor, unskilled, grade school educated or illiterate people. Does Immigration Reform benefit Black or Americans? No, it does not. The hasty retreat last week by the CBC, after my blog ans radio appearances, from supporting SB 744, to reconsidering their position shows their lack of understanding the real issues of illegals on Blacks.  Immigration and Illegal Immigration has always hindered the integration and assimilation of Black Americans into mainstream America i.e. well-paying jobs, well-heeled communities and the formation of viable businesses.

I have watched over the years while the CBC let President Clinton and Obama defund economic and capital market programs to Africa. President Obama has attacked Historically Black colleges and Universities for years and is defunding them without a word of protest from the CBC, it is disgraceful. The CBC has allowed the mergers of major companies with proven histories of racial discrimination to attain congressionally approved mergers in spite of their redlining practices, the merger of Nation’s Bank and Bank of America is an excellent example. Black businesses being virtually excluded from the participation in federal contracting a good examples are: The $300B Iraq/Afghanistan war, The federally funded $15B O’Hare Modernization Project (OMP), (where Hispanics received 25%, women 15% and Black 0.5% of the contract and not a whimper) and illegal construction workers were bussed in from Los Angeles.

Why haven:t the CBC called for an investigation of the Department of Transportation.  Let us be clear most CBC members are not Uncle Tom’s, they are Sambo’s as a group, and you can tell them I said it. Many of their Congressional Districts are being overrun with illegal Latinos and non-citizens will vote them out of office in the next two terms in Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, and in the NYC areas. When we lost Adam Clayton Powell, Mickey Leland, Julian Dixon, Barbara Jordan, and J.C. Watts, we lost the best Blacks in the House of Representatives.

Ms. Watson, you and others should really direct the name calling at President Obama, because in your vernacular, he is an Uncle Tom, but the proper analogy would be a Sambo, given his actions toward Blacks his entire scholastic and professional career. Just a few asides that you can Google. Mr. Obama in March of 2009 took $85M from HBCUs and disrespected the college presidents lobbying him in D.C. to reinstate the funds. He said in Black Enterprise magazine  August 2012 that he didn’t have an agenda for Black Americans, but he had one for LBGTs, Immigration Reform, Jewish Americans, Arab Americans, Muslim Americans, Arabs in the Middle East, Insurance companies, fundraiser bundlers, etc…

One of the few times I ever agreed with Rev Jackson was his description of Obama, in his open microphone remark. Rev. Jackson, complaining about Barack “talking down to black people,” especially clean cut middle class Blacks, as if they were from the ghetto. The perfect example was Obama’s 2013 Morehouse commencement speech, which would have been more appropriate for homeboys and gang bangers on Chicago’s Southside. It was embarrassing for the graduates, their parents and families, and students of the esteemed Black male institution. I forgot Barack is only “half-black” in his own words so Morehouse holds no special place with him. “I do not know anything about the African American experience,” is what Barack and A.G. Eric Holder are noted for saying when referred to as African American.

I will sum up Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton in one adjective, Anachronisms. They are channeling America through a 50-year-old prism, and moving backwards at full speed with funding from the pro-immigration and pro-LBGT groups.

Ms. Watson, Mr. Zimmerman is not a racist! And young Trayvon Martin was not a thug! Zimmerman made some terrible choices, the first getting out of the SUV, second not following the tenets of Neighborhood Watch, and finally shooting Mr. Martin. The Sanford, FL State Prosecutors office over charged him, to purposely to lose the case. I believe that it should have been a manslaughter charge and not murder. Zimmerman was not a hate mongering racist zealot.

Profiling is survival in high crime areas or any time you are out of your home. Black youth in hoodies are killing people for no reason except they have a gun and you do not. When I see any Black youth in hip-hop gear, I get very defensive. The Civil Rights Movement was not about poor ignorant Blacks, it was about the dignified Black Middle class, like Rosa Parks, not welfare mothers. Fast-forward 2013 and ghetto-minded Blacks thinking it is their right to wear “pseudo-ethnic” clothing that includes pants showing the crack of their rear-ends into downtown white cloth restaurants and flaunt the ghetto mannerisms in public places without consequences. The CRM was about to the integration of the Black middle class that sought assimilation and attainment of the American Dream.

Immigration Reform for Foreign born, illegal Latinos and Asians should, have been the focus of the misguided Trayvon Martin protestors and weekend-marchers. These are the people designated to replace them for employment. Blacks should have marched with us last Monday. Marching for the non-existent claim of racism against a man that made some horrible decisions that resulted in Mr. Martin’s death but had probably mentored and worked with more Black youth/children than 99% of his protestors is CRAZY!

I do not have the time to finish the outing of the detrimental policies Democrats imposed on the country in 1960’s and decimated the Black family as Daniel Moynihan concluded of then-President Johnson’s Great Society policies. The next time we visit a topic it will be to educate you on Democrats from Andrew Johnson to Barack Obama in terms of presidents’ detrimental policies effecting Black issues, including Jim Crow, Gun bans for Blacks, Terrorizing by KKK, and Woodrow Wilson racist policies of segregation. The Benign Neglect of Black America by the Democratic Party through to Obama is devastating. The Great Society policies of Johnson, Drug Infestation, The War on Drugs, Three Strikes legislation, and the glamorization and monetizing of Hip Hop of Urban Terrorists by Liberals in Hollywood and Washington, D.C., replacement by Hispanics in the Presidential Cabinet, educational institutions, all employment and workplace issues.

With Black on Black crime rampant 64%, Black unemployment 40% in real numbers, U-6 Blacks <25 with college degree 32% unemployed, 72% of Black children born out-of-wedlock and you think I am looking at the issues wrongly.  The questions you should ask youself is what is my character, values and morals.

Lastly. Ms. Watson I suggest you take a short drive down Crenshaw Blvd., La Brea Ave., or through your old South Central District and tell me you are not scared of the people on the street. or being struck by a stray bullet or carjacked by a Black person. It is not the KKK doing the raping, wanton killing and destroying the American Dream for our children and communities, I think it is The Bro’s!

Best regards, Charles Butler

P.S. and F.Y.I. — In March of this year, we  had a pleasant exchange at the Post and Beam restaurant with my friend Clarence Harris.  You shared with me that you pushed the term African American into the national spotlight along with “Race baiter Supreme” Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. The term African-American was created in 1986 by pseudo black intellectuals) for native-born Blacks, and is absurd and an insult to our ancestors who built this great nation over the last 400 years. We have no connection to Africa other than skin color and you can find our shades in India, China, and throughout Asian countries.

Africans of all socio-economic levels think the term African-American instead of Black Americans is inappropriate, unintelligent, and downright laughable, but I did not share that opinion with you. Barack Obama is by own admission “not a native African American”; he has stated on many occasions “my father was from Kenya and my mother from Kansas, I don’t know anything about the African American experience.” Barack and Teresa Heinz Kerry are African Americans, you and I are descendants of Africans sold and stolen into the harshest form of human bondage on earth, the institution of American Slavery.

Your colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus where so inept and worried about collecting their paycheck twice a month they would not support the effort to build the Smithsonian National Museum African American History and Culture. It took a white Texan, President George W. Bush declared to make the NMAAHC a reality on his watch. I know that Eleanor Norton Holmes and Lerone Bennett tried their best to waylay the President Bush’s NMAAHC commission report. President Bush visited the NMAAHC commission, thanked them for their time, and told them he was signing the legislation to build it with or without their help. In 2003, George W. Bush signed the bills for the NMAAHC and the MLK monument on the Mall, not Clinton, Obama, or Carter.

At this point, you will have to look at the person in the mirror and reflect on how and when you became so miseducated about history, politics, capitalism, legislation, and the pursuit of the American Dream deferred for Black Americans again under a half-black POTUS and an impotent Congressional Black Caucus. Pres. Obama met recently with the CBC for a third time in five years in May for a business meeting, and not a Photo Op, right?

The Blog That Started It All

From: Diane Watson] Sent: Saturday, July 20, 2013 12:48 AM To: Charles Butler Subject: Re: Blog July 18 Think About It This Way

Mr. Butler, Please do not ever blog me again. Your views are not worth the paper they are printed on. You have your right to your views, but I have the right to reject them! “Uncle Tom” comes to mind when I read your opinions. D. Watson

On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 12:01 PM, Charles Butler <> wrote: This post was republished to The Take with Charles Butler at 9:24:04 AM 7/24/2013 Wake Up Folks, And Get Real!

Immigration Reform, Zimmerman Verdict, and SCOTUS Voting Rights Ruling Should Be a Wake Up Call To America and Especially Black America

Blogged by Charles Butler                                                                       Dated July 18, 2013

Well now, is the time for Black America to start listening to oices of reason, given the latest series of decisions that involve race? I have long stated that it is time for Black Americans to act like the rest of America, and start to behave in a manner designed for success, instead of “Shock Whitey of the late 1960’s.” What does that mean? Black folks know exactly what I am talking about from a cultural perspective. Our dignified, conservative, hard-working manner was co-opted in 1968 with the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, the so-called revolutionaries, were nothing more than womanizers, and power hungry egomaniacs. When Dr. King and Blacks moved their socio-economic attitudes to the left under the influence of Bayard Rustin, Harry Belafonte and other socialist of the day, the decline of Black America and America began.

My favorite quote is by Whitney Young, the former President of the National Urban League “A person’s liberalism seems to be related to the distance they are gun ban, abortion, free market, and immigration reform advocates. Black America must decide the direction of the community as a whole. I feel that individuals will continue to prosper in continue to blame black on black violence, drugs, and high dropout rates, high out of wedlock births on “Whitey”? On the other hand, will they conclude enough is enough and Black Americans will again institute the values and morals that saw us through, Slavery, The Civil War, Reconstruction, The Civil Rights Movement, and hopefully through an Obama Post-racial America?

Several, recent issues of concern to America and Black America:

  1. The SCOTUS ruling on the voting rights act.
  2. The affirmative action case at the University of Texas.
  3. The not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman

Let us take a moment to succinctly review several key points about each of these incidents. When liberal pundits and the black so-called leadership have referred to the SCOTUS ruling on the voting rights act, they perpetrated falsehoods. They often claim that the voting rights act was struck down, and that this would leave the door open for Jim Crow policies to resume with states’ rights. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth in that SCOTUS sent the case back to the state and asked Congress to rewrite section 5 of the voting rights act to be more reflective of the present, then the situation 50 years ago.

The affirmative action case at the University of Texas is very interesting in that no one brings up the discussion about the blatant inequalities and educational opportunities, environments, and access when discussing these Affirmative Action cases. They do not ask any black Americans that have benefited from affirmative action. Even more incredible is the egalitarian attitudes of individuals that will not consult with Sec. George Schultz, who was an architect of affirmative action in 1972 in the Nixon Administration, and practiced it in the 50’s and 60’s during his tenure as the University of Chicago business school. Nor do advocates or proponents of affirmative action consult with the authors of a book called “the shape of the river,” by William Bowen, and Derek Bok, former presidents of Ivy League institutions. Who had some interesting conclusions about admitting Black students? They concluded that Black college graduations are more active and contribute more to their communities, employment, and the country than their white counterparts, while being admitted with lower test scores, having lowers grades from educational institutions.

The not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman was correct in that, it was not second-degree murder by a racist zealot. The liberal media, media pundits of all persuasions tried to betray the shooting as racially motivated from the beginning. Yes, Mr. Zimmerman made some tragic mistakes by not obeying the 911 operator, and leaving his vehicle with a loaded weapon. Mr. Zimmerman, as LA police officer Mark Fuhrman charged, “was a police wannabe.”

The incidents that followed were tragic and could have been avoided, if Mr. Zimmerman HAD NOT left his SUV and followed the instructions of 911 operations. However, to make the case into a race issue was inappropriate, unsubstantiated, unconscionable, and un-American given the facts about Mr. Zimmerman’s life or the facts of the case at this point. The State’s Attorney Office in the case should have charged Zimmerman with manslaughter instead of manslaughter or reckless discharge of a weapon.

We have become a society that rewards the lack of achievement, as a badge of honor. Remember blonde-haired women and surf dudes were portrayed in movies as scatter-brained, now they are celebrities. While criticizing, punishing and ostracizing those who attain a level of achievement and goals higher than other Blacks in their respective communities do. The names often heard are sellouts, Oreo, Uppity, Bourgeoisie, and the all too familiar Uncle Tom claim. Black Americans need to start acting like Americans, proud, brash, arrogant, and strong when it comes to obtaining an education, dissipating in sports, and pursuing whatever they perceive the American dream to be.

I am tired of the race baiters who call themselves leaders, but are nothing more than loudmouth charlatans looking for a payday, from La Raza, the unions, or government for themselves and their families. Black Americans should be focusing on jobs instead of marching Trayvon Martin given Black unemployment is almost 40% across-the-board. Black Americans should focus on immigration reform and the fact that the Congressional Black Caucus is looking to replace them as workers with foreign-born workers.

Black America should look at how Democrats have created a substandard educational and living environment for the them and their children for generations in the name of social progress and social justice. It does not work.

My conclusion is that until Americans, and specifically Black Americans begin to focus on individual success, group achievement is impossible. Black America especially needs to focus on getting back to conservative values and morals to attain success and achievement.

One of the greatest civil rights leaders of our times was Whitney Young; he once said, “I am not anxious to be the loudest voice or the most popular,” Young once said. “But I would like to think that at a crucial moment, I was an fective voice of the voiceless, an effective hope of the hopeless.” Where is a voice like that?