Podcasts on this website are intended to be thought provoking and informative for the listener(s).  My goal is to provide my audience with factual details about invents of a historical and political nature, thusly giving them the necessary foundation to do their homework and formulate their own conclusions, thereby becoming informed Americans.


Charles Butler on Hannity Radio with Jehmu Greene 


Podcasts of The Take with Charles Butler   

Listen to internet radio with The Take With Charles Butler on Blog Talk Radio

Charles with Andrea Tanteros, on American Talk Radio Network on Immigration 04-26 Charles Butler

Hannity interview with Michael Miller NYCRA, he guy is a lightweight, rude, unintelligent among unkempt in appearance. JFK was a racist from Boston, no where in his time in the USN, the House, the Senate, of the Oval Office do we see otherwise. His voting record was that of voting against Civil Rights and anti-lynching laws. Sorry Black folks with Bob, Martin and John pictures on the wall.
Charles Butler on Hannity on Sen Paul’s Howard University visit

Interviews by Charles Butler

Interview Wednesday Jan. 9, 2013 with Sean Hannity, and Juan Williams on the fiscal cliff and the damage to the American way of doing things. The interview is fast pace and about 25 minutes

Interview on America’s #1 Morning Show AMN with John and Dana C. Butler On #1 American Morning Show Discussing Pres. Obama’s Urban League Speech 07 26 2012

C.B. for Liddy NACCP Mis-directed   Ben Jealous Sells Out NAACP for $$$

RNC Chairman Reince Preibus with C.B. guest hosting G. Gordon Liddy Show 02232012

CNN’s AC360 comments on Charles Butler calling out the Urban Terrorists   10 2010

Lack of Personal Responsibility in the Black Community  Recorded Sept 2009

Amb. Susan Rice and her pathetic attempt to blame the violence in Libya and Egypt on a video instead of Obama’s policies.  Fox News Video with Chris Matthews




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  1. Charles Butler is impressive in his logic, depth and kindness. I just heard him the first time this morning. He reminds me of many other great thinkers. God bless and keep you, sir. -Fr. Bill, Diocese of Tucson AZ

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